Thursday, February 10, 2011


A week from today Hadley and I will be visiting our family and friends in Tennessee. We are so lucky that we have been able to come home twice in 5 months. But, let me tell you, flying by yourself with a baby is no easy task. If I didn't wear Hadley then I would never be able to make it through the airports. It also takes a lot of planning and a lot of things to pack.

Anyways, I have had my eye on buying a ring sling but really can't afford one right now. Currently I have a Moby wrap and a sling from Sevenslings. I like the Moby, but really it is a pain in the ass. I don't even try to use it out of the house. So when I am flying alone with Hadley I use my sling and Hadley is starting to get a little big for it. I found a website earlier called Sleepingbaby that has some reasonable priced ring slings that I am going to buy when I get my income tax refund back. I love babywearing and thinks it's an awesome way to bond with your baby and really good for fussy baby. Lord knows I have a fussy baby.

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