Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I suck

I am terrible at this blogging thing.  I have been in Tennessee since the 17th and I have totally let my blog fall behind. I haven't really had any time to update because Hadley has been horrible. She will not sleep and is completely out of her routine. I have decided that we will not be flying back home till she is at least a year old because it is so hard on both of us. I had her in such a good routine at home and she was sleeping so good and now all of that is ruined because we came home.  It will take me so long to get her back on track when we come home March 8th. I cannot wait to go back home. I miss Adam so much and not to mention my own bed, house, and Hadley's crib! I despise pack n' plays.

Let's see what has happened since I have been home.
1. Hadley has tried apples and peas.
2. Hadley got a big girl stroller, aka umbrella stroller.
3. Hadley got her bangs trimmed.

I think that's all the big accomplishments that we have achieved in our past week. I have pictures of number 2&3 but I will have to add those later.  I need to try and get some sleep because Hadley has been going to bed no earlier than midnight and I just put her down at 11:30 and I am praying that she stays asleep! I will try and update again soon..not that anybody but myself reads this.

Edited to add: Blogger will not let me upload pictures from my moms mac for some odd reason, so I will have to do it when I get back to Texas.

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