Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dear Eczema..I hate you

Well I took Hadley to the doctor this morning because she was having a serious rash and her head was so dry that she was scratching the crap out of it. Poor baby would cry when she scratched her head.. I couldn't take it anymore so I was determined to get somebody to help me. It turns out that it was just her eczema getting worse. I was worried that she was allergic to rice cereal, but silly me..it was just her eczema. I feel so stupid for taking her back in but now I feel better knowing that it wasn't the food she was allergic to. Something I also learned was that fleece makes eczema worse...well that's great because her swaddle is fleece. I have been making it worse without even knowing. Lovely.

So, we were prescribed another steroid cream and benadryl to give her at night time and she told me to stop swaddling her. GREAT. I am so nervous to stop swaddling my almost 5 month old. I have been putting it off as long as possible. I am so scared that she won't sleep without it, but this benadryl may keep her asleep. She has been sleeping horribly anyways. She won't stay asleep longer than 30 minutes at a time.. so we shall see how quitting swaddling cold turkey tonight works. Wish me luck.

Now for a picture of the day. She is always the happiest in the mornings. And more irritable throughout the day because she gets so tired of being itchy. I don't blame her.

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