Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Laughing at myself

Today I went to Wal-Mart to pick up some nursery water, diapers, peas and sweet potatoes. I made the peas earlier today and pureed them and they turned out great..except for the fact that peas are nasty. I just finished baking my sweet potatoes and noticed something very weird while taking the skins off. My first potato out of three was yellow. I proceeded to peel the other potato and noticed it was bright orange.
I have never ate or made sweet potatoes in my life. I knew they were supposed to be orange but I had no clue if this yellow potato was ok to go ahead and puree. What makes this worse is that I called my mom and sister and neither of them had made sweet potatos either. So they were no help. I decided to throw it out even though it tasted the same. I really should have taken pictures. I just have to laugh at myself about how ridiculous of a cook/baker I am. I really need some lessons.
The good news is that I have bananas, avocados, peas, and sweet potatoes in my freezer now!

I would also like to add that I now think it's crazy if you don't make your own baby food. It saves a ton of money! I am so excited about this.

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