Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

This is the best Valentine's Day because I get to spend it with my husband and my little one! Her first Valentine's Day! Last year Adam was in Korea for our first Valentine's Day together, and we aren't doing anything special this year, mainly because we don't have anybody out here in Texas that we know to watch Hadley, but that's ok. Hadley and I are heading back to Tennessee for 3 weeks Thursday morning so I know he wants to spend his time with her anyways.

We started Hadley on sweet potatoes last night and she loved them. She ate 2 ounces. She is a good eater when it comes to her solids. She has slowed down her formula intake since starting solids but she seems to be fine with that. It worried me at first, but she is still having her normal wet and dirty diapers. She is awful whiney as usual, but I think that she is trying to cut some teeth. At least that is my excuse for her excessive whineyness.

Oh, Hadley is also 5 months old today! How could I almost forget that?! I posted some pictures from our Valentine's Day shoot already but here is one more of my precious little one!

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